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Name : Airedale Terrier

Other Names : Bingley Terrier, Waterside Terrier

Origin : United Kingdom

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Terrier dog breeds

Life span : 10-12 years

Litter Size : Average of 9-10 puppies.

Temperament : Work Driven, courageous, Friendly

Height : Female: 20-23 inches, (55-60 cm), Male: 22-25 inches (55-64 cm)

Weight : Weight: Males 40 - 70 pounds (23 - 29 kg) Females 35 - 50 pounds (18 - 20 kg)

Colors : Gold, Blonde, Black

Puppy Price : $300-$1500

Body type

Airedale Terriers are the biggest of the terrier group. This breed is strong and sturdy built. They've been bred to help kill varmints and also as a herding dog as their body type achieves this purpose.

Head- The head is well balanced, with apparent difference in the length of skull and forehead/face. Face should be free of wrinkles, and free of fullness. Ears are v-shaped, placed on the side of the head. The ears are folded at a half erect.

Neck- Moderate length that gradually becomes thicker toward the shoulders, covered in tight skin.

Shoulders & Chest- Shoulders are long and slope into the back, with shoulder blades flat. Chest is deep extending to the elbows. While it's very deep it shouldn't be broad.

Body- The back is short, strong and in level. Well spring ribs, with muscular loins of good width. Little space for the abdomen.

Legs- Forelegs are perfectly straight, with plenty of muscle and thick bone. The legs should move freely from the slides. Thighs are long and powerful, well bent stiffles that face straight forward. Small, compacted round shaped feet with a well pad make up the legs. The hindquarters should stand tall with great strength.

Hindquarters- Muscular, and strong. The tail should be set back and carried happily ,but not with any curve. Good strength and substance of fair length.


They need to be groomed regularly. Coat length is medium. Maintaining their coat can be time consuming and an investment. Professional help may be needed to maintain. Many owners strip the Airedales outer coat at least twice a year, They have continually growing hair so they can thrive in both tropical and sub arctic conditions. In the tropical areas the owner keep the Airedale trimmed and reduced thickness.


Good with Kids : 83 %
Cat Friendly : 66 %
Dog Friendly : 83 %
Trainability : 100 %
Shedding : 83 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 100 %
Grooming : 50 %
Popularity : 66 %
Adaptability : 66 %
Hypoallergenic : Yes
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The Airedale terrier is the largest of the terrier group, originating in England. They are a working breed, and a great family pet with a balanced temperament. The Airedale has a distinction of being both a working and sporting breed. They thrive where there is a job to be done, whether that's as simple as watching the kids, which they do great at. This loving bubbly personality terrier loves to be around family and is always looking to do. They are extremely versatile making them a candidate for almost any climate, they can live in a house with a small or large yard as long as they are getting sufficient exercise.


The Airedale Terrier comes in the same two colors every time. Black & Tan only varies in the extent of the tan or black. The amount of color tends to vary with dog, and depends on the parents.

Health Problems

Hip Dysplasia as in most other breeds is a main problem. Regular exercise helps postpone major health issues of this breed. Others include Gastric Dilation, Umbilical Hernia, and Corneal Dystrophy. Cancer is one of the most deadly in senior dogs.

Working with a responsible breed helps minimize all health related risks and and behavioral issues your Airedale may have.


Need daily exercise, Quick learners ,but can be hard to entertain. They are a working breed used for herding and other types of farm work. They typically require at least a half hour of brisk walks. They also love to roam and be free. It's advised to train your Airedale to listen to off leash commands as they have a tendency to chase after small prey as they were bred to do. Early training helps this breed become well balanced and easy to manage.


The Airedale Terrier is speculated to be originated in the Aire River valley in England. In the mid 1800's the idea of the Airedale Terrier was starting to evolve as the breeder was starting to form the desired dog that could both hunt prey, with a keen nose and also be able to move efficiently on both land and water. Breeders crossed the terrier with the otter hound to start the creating of this breed. Other Hounds and terriers are suspected to be used.

The Airedales name went under a lot of confusion and changing in the beginning. It wasn't until 1886 when the kennel club in England finally registered Airedale Terrier as the official name.

The Airedale was one of the top 20 dog breeds in the mid 20th century. The German Shepherd quickly brought this dogs popularity down, the German Shepherd filled a lot of the roles in police force, and other working jobs that the Airedale once filled.
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