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Name : American Bulldog

Other Names : Am Bulldog, Old Country Bulldog,

Origin : United states of America

Size Type : Large Dog Breed

Breed Group : Working dog breeds

Life span : 10-15 years

Litter Size : 7-14 Puppies

Temperament : Determined, Brave, Loyal, Strong

Height : 20-28 inches for males,with females being smaller on average.

Weight : 70-130 lbs for males, with females being smaller on average.

Colors : Solid white, including red, black, brown, Fawn, and brindle.

Puppy Price : $450-$2,000

Body type

The American Bulldog has an excellent body shape. They have a big body, that's very in portion. Reaching up to weights of 130 Lbs. There is two types of American Bulldogs one being the normal, Skinnier and more agile than it's bully counterpart. The Bully American Bulldog is more bred on strength and bulk. They have an athletic build that helps them excel in an athletic environment.


The American Bulldog has a short, but course hair. Upkeep and grooming of this breed is typically easy and doesn't take much effort. They are an average shedder and can be feminized by using a brush frequently. As for bathing this breed stays quite clean and bathing should just be done when needed.


Good with Kids : 50 %
Cat Friendly : 33 %
Dog Friendly : 50 %
Trainability : 66 %
Shedding : 33 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 66 %
Grooming : 50 %
Popularity : 33 %
Adaptability : 66 %
Hypoallergenic : Yes
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The American Bulldog is bred as a working breed, brought from England in the 1800's. Bulldogs deprive their name from their bull fighting background. (see history for more info on bull fighting.) The American bulldog is an extremely strong breed and has wonderful temperament and health. This great combination of size, Strength, and attitude make up the American bulldog of today.


The American Bulldog comes in solid white, and other colors as in red, brown, brindle. The piebald coat color is characterized by patches of two different colors, typically black and white.
The national Kennel Club, disqualifies any blue color and any degree of Merle is a fault.
Most accepted colors are those of uniform and well-defined

Health Problems

The American bulldog is quite a healthy dog, The major fault in this breed is hip and elbow dysplasia. They are also quite prone to a wide variety of skin diseases which can be prevented with upkeep of the skin.


The American Bulldog needs regular exercise just as in any other breed. Do to their athletic build and drive they excel at dog sports especially weight pulling and vigorous exercises.


The bulldog comes from England where its name was deprived from the English sport of Bull Fighting. Bull Fighting was a popular sport by the rich and poor since the middle ages. The strongest and best were kept and bred improving this breeds strength and size. The bulldog was brought to america with the new immigrants. The american bulldog almost ceased to extinction by WW2, Thankfully to the breeding programs of John D. Johnson and Allen Scott and the American Bulldog survived.
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