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Name : American Bully

Other Names : bully, ambully

Origin : United States of America

Size Type : Large Dog Breed

Breed Group : Non-sporting dog breeds

Life span : 8-16 years

Litter Size : 3-12

Temperament : calm, loving, protective, passionate,

Height : The breed standard doesn't have any particular height, but vaires from 15-24"

Weight : Coming in a wide range of weights, varying from 70-160 lbs

Colors : Any color is acceptable besides all merle patterns.

Puppy Price : $500-$15,000

Body type

The american bully has a body type similar to their ancestor the American Pitbull Terrier. Muscle and thick bodies are distinctions between the two breeds. Am-bullies are built in proportionate, and have a stocky build, typically with gigantic head & necks. Their is a few variations of the Am-bully i.e ( XXl, XL, Standard, & Pocket) they are classified on height and weight. The pocket has a stockier, shorter bulldog look. While the XXL is a lot bigger and can weigh up to 180 LBS.


They should have a short smooth coat, Coat's length shouldn't exceed 1/2 inch, or be wavy, curly. Grooming of this breed is really easy to maintain and manage. They are typically clean and bathing doesn't have to be done often. Many dogs of this breed have health concerns with their skin and coat, paying close attention to your bullies coat can help relieve some discomfort and make a happier, and healthy bully.


Good with Kids : 100 %
Cat Friendly : 50 %
Dog Friendly : 66 %
Trainability : 66 %
Shedding : 50 %
Watchdog : 100 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 16 %
Popularity : 83 %
Adaptability : 66 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The American bully is a relatively new breed emerging in the 1990's and not gaining certification till 2013. They resemble their American pitbull Terrier & Stafford-shire counterparts ,while being stockier in build. This breed was believed to be made from a few different types of bull breeds like the APBT, Staffordshire, and speculation of the English bulldog, even though nobody has openly admitted the exact origination. It's quite obvious through the Bullies build and temperament that other breeds were used. Popularity has reached all time highs for this breed in the past couple of years.


The american bully comes in almost every range of color variations and wide arrange of patterns. The only color that isn't accepted is the color variation Merle. Many of you aren't exactly sure what Merle is, Merle is a solid base coat with spots and patches of a darker color covering the coat. Their is two reasons this is a default, it shows evidence of crossbreeding and is highly linked to health issues. Bullies with this color variation are highly prone to being blind & deaf as long as other assorted health diseases. Any reputable breeder stays away from using the Merle pattern.

Health Problems

Being a relativity new breed their hasn't been any extensive health studies to see what diseases this breed is more prone to. Owners & breeders have reported having issues with hip dysplasia, Cardiac, and most common mild skin issues.


A true couch potato, the bully can lay around and sleep all day if you let them, to ensure a happy, healthy life daily exercise is needed. They typically don't have high drives and don't compete much in any sporting events.


In the 1990's breeders in the United States started crossing the american pitbull, with a wide range of other breeds to form the American bully, what the breed was actually crossed with entirely is unknown. Breeds that are speculated to be used is the French, English, and American Bulldogs, crossed with the American Pitbull Terrier, & Staffordshire. Their is speculation other breeds were used to form this gentle giant, the actual truth is unknown and lays with the breeder.
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