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Name : Australian Kelpie

Other Names : Kelpie, Barb

Origin : Australia

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Herding dog breeds

Life span : 10 -14 years

Litter Size :

Temperament : Intelligent, Alert, Friendly, Loyal, Energetic, Eager

Height : Male: 18–20 inches (46–51 cm) Female: 17–19 inches (43–48 cm)

Weight : Male: 14–21 kg Female: 14–21 kg

Colors : Fawn, Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Black & Tan

Puppy Price : Average $500 - $600 USD

Body type

The Australian kelpie has a compact body which is slightly longer than his height length. Additionally, he has well developed, short and muscular limps, firm hindquarters and a broad chest.
The Australian kelpie has long and narrow head with widely spaced and prinked ears. When you observe his ears closely, you will observe that one or both ears are slightly flopped. However, the ears run to a fine point and they originate from a strong base.
Kelpie has almond shaped eyes which are widely spaced and medium sized. The color of the eyes varies from tawny gold to brown and perfectly matches with the coat color. The Australian kelpie has a medium sized tail whose color matches with the coat and drop naturally from behind. The structure of the tail usually varies from smooth to bushy. Kelpie has a relatively small foot with toes arched from the ground.
The kelpie’s skull is broad between the ears and relatively round in shape. His teeth are strong and evenly spaced from each other while the foreface is finely chiseled. The dog’s strong bones can be linked with its ability to effectively work. This is the main reason why many breeders like the Australian kelpies.


The Australian kelpies especially the working kelpie comes with three coat types; rough, smooth and short. A few of the kelpies have white spots on their coat while some have white blaze especially on their chest. Due to environment factors, the coat is a double layer. The outer coat is rough, flat, straight and tough characteristics which makes it weather resistant. The inner coat is relatively thick and keeps the dog warm during cold seasons. The coat is longer at the neck where it appears ruff while the hair on the tail is tough and bushy. The hair on the head, feet, legs and ears is short and smooth.


Good with Kids : 50 %
Cat Friendly : 50 %
Dog Friendly : 50 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 50 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 66 %
Grooming : 33 %
Popularity : 50 %
Adaptability : 83 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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Australian Kelpie is a medium size dog which first originated in Australia in nineteen century. Kelpie is also known as Australian sheep dog since apart from originating in Australia it is used to muster cattle, sheep, deer and goats with little or no guidance and with minimal supervision. The Australian Kelpie is mostly covered with black fur which is also known as Babu (Barb). This has made individuals to come up with varying speculations suggesting that this Australian Kelpie has been as a result of cross breeding between the Australian Dingge dogs also known as Dingo and the border Collies. In fact, Kelpies are said to have some Dingo blood. However, literature suggests otherwise and has associated Kelpie origin with British North Country Collie offspring. Literature has further indicated that Australian Kelpies are of two distinguishing varieties. The first variety is the bench or show Kelpies which are mostly known for their appearance rather than working instinct while the second variety is the working Kelpie which is a bred that is mostly knowing for its working ability especially when mustering livestock. This Australian working kelpie became more and more popular in 1870 due to its working efficiency, skills and intelligence


The coat color of Australian Kelpie greatly varies from black with or without tan markings. The coat may have some minimal white markings which appear as blaze on the chest, white sports or strip markings. A blue Kelpie may range from light to dark blue with or without tan marking. A red Kelpie may range from light red to chocolate sometimes with or without tan markings. A Kelpie with tan marking may vary with the color of tan marking ranging from cream to dark.

Health Problems

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