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Name : Beagle

Other Names : English Beagle

Origin : England

Size Type : Small Dog Breed

Breed Group : Hound dog breeds

Life span : 10-15 years

Litter Size : 2-14 average 6-7

Temperament : happy, Friendly, Playful

Height : Generally between 13 and 16 inches (33 and 41 cm) high at the withers.

Weight : Weighing between 16 and 35 lb (8.2 and 15.9 kg), with females being slightly smaller than males on average.

Colors : White with large black area on back, and light brown shades is most common.

Puppy Price : $400- $700

Body type

The beagle is small weighing only 20-25 lbs and reaching heights of 13-16 Inches with females being smaller on average. They have big ears that cover more then half their head. Tight skin and medium length fur is also another standard of this breed.


They have most all hound colors, most commonly Tri-colored with Black on their back and white on arms and under body. They have a smooth, double coat that is water resistant. Weekly brushing is advised that helps enhance new hair growth. Beagles shed, but their hair is short enough that it isn't noticeable.


Good with Kids : 66 %
Cat Friendly : 50 %
Dog Friendly : 66 %
Trainability : 50 %
Shedding : 16 %
Watchdog : 66 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 33 %
Popularity : 100 %
Adaptability : 16 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The beagle is a small breed dog belonging to the hound group. They originally came from England where they were bred for hunting small game like hare and rats. Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds and make fantastic pets because of their small size, health, and exceptionally great temperaments. Their nose is one of the most powerful attributes as this was one of the attributes they were bred for.


The Generally have a tri-color. With the "classic" tri coming with a Black back. White chest, Legs and face with a red/brown covering the rest of the body.

Health Problems

Number of Dwarfism occurs in beagles.
Disk related diseases,
Cherry Eye and other eye diseases
Other Deforms of legs and bodily structures.


Beagles need daily exercise just like others of the hound breed.


This breed was formed in England in the 18th Century by crossing the Southern & Northern hound to each other. This dog was a lot heavier and bigger then the beagle of today. Through selective breeding the smaller size and excellent nose was brought into reality.
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