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Name : Boston Terrier

Other Names : Boston Bull, Boston Bull Terrier, Boxwood, American Gentlemen

Origin : United States (Boston)

Size Type : Small Dog Breed

Breed Group : Non-sporting dog breeds

Life span : 15 years plus

Litter Size : 3-4 C-sections are typical do to the pups having bigger heads then the mothers pelvis.

Temperament : playful, Energetic

Height : 9 - 15 inches

Weight : Male (8 - 25 lb) Female (6 - 22 lb)

Colors : black, Brindle, Seal, White

Puppy Price : $500-$1500

Body type

These bull head Terriers are small & compact. Short muzzle & a short tail also are trademarks of this breed. The most recognizable feature is there erect ears that stand on top of there block like head. The American Kennel Club separates the weight of the breed into 3 primary classes: Under 15 pounds, 15 pounds and under 20 pounds 20 pounds and not to exceed 25 pounds They typically have tight skin and shouldn't ever look skinny or under weight


They have a short and smooth coat, The coat is very easy to manage and has minimal shedding. Bathing isn't required frequently as they typically stay clean.


Good with Kids : 83 %
Cat Friendly : 83 %
Dog Friendly : 83 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 16 %
Watchdog : 66 %
Intelligence : 100 %
Grooming : 16 %
Popularity : 83 %
Adaptability : 50 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The Boston terrier originated in the united states int he late 1800's by crossing pitbull fighting dogs with bull terrier type dogs. Commonly referred to as the "American Gentleman this loving , beautiful marked dog is small in size. Tied together with a loving personality. They are extremely smart and easy to train. They have been one of the most popular breeds since there creation over a century ago.


There is two colors this breed comes in, White & Black. The black sometimes varies to a brindle or seal colors . Always in the same formation. They are often referred to as the "American Gentleman" because there markings resemble a man in a tuxedo. The back is covered in black from tail to the start of the neck. The chest is white, with typically a white underneath and white paws. They also have a white streak in the middle of there face between the eyes that reaches down to jaw. Rest of the head is black. The color break is clean and is easily distinguished.

Health Problems

The Boston Terrier is fairly healthy, due to their shortened muzzle and compressed facial design they are prone to respiratory problems. They also don't do well in extreme weather conditions, Whether it's to hot, or to cold. Most suitable for fair climates. Daily eye checks is advised as they typically have exposed eyes that have potential of getting injured.


Boston Terriers are very energetic. They are most happy with daily exercise even if it's just a walk through the park. They can handle apartment life, as long as they are getting exercised.


They originated from pit fighting dogs crossed with bull terrier breeds. It's crazy how small and gentle these dogs have become compared to there ancestors. Originating in the late 1800's the terrier has been bred down in size and bred to have a calmer temperament. In the beginning color and markings weren't a concern until the 1900's when uniform was brought to the breed. They quickly gained popularity and were one of the most popular dogs in the 1920's-1950's
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