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Name : Boxer

Other Names : German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer

Origin : Germany

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Working dog breeds

Life span : 11-14 years

Litter Size : 2-10 Puppies

Temperament : Energetic, Playful, Highly Inteligent

Height : Height: Males 22 - 25 inches (56 - 63 cm) Females 21 - 24 inches (53 - 61 cm)

Weight : Weight: Males 60 - 70 pounds (27 - 32 kg) Females 53 - 65 pounds (24 - 29 kg)

Colors : fawn, Brindle, White, Black, mahogany, tan

Puppy Price : $300-$1500

Body type

The head is the most distinctive body feature with a distinct short muzzle. They are powerful and compact built while still remaining agile. Breed standard: They have Dark brown eyes. High set ears either cut or left natural with a typically docked tail. They are covered in a short and smooth coat coming in white, black, tan, brindle, fawn. The boxer is athletically built and is typically a healthy breed.


The boxer has a short, smooth coat. Their skin is tight over their athletically built body. They come in two main coat colors, Fawn and Brindle with, or without white markings. The fawn, & brindle tend to vary in shade almost ranging to varieties of tan and black. Another popular color is all white. They have short hair, but can shed quite a bit. Weekly brushing can help minimize the affects of the shedding.


Good with Kids : 66 %
Cat Friendly : 16 %
Dog Friendly : 66 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 66 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 50 %
Popularity : 83 %
Adaptability : 50 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The boxer originated in Germany in the 19th century. This breed is most recognizable by it's head and face, with droopy lips. Loving personalities and highly energetic, the boxer is a perfect situation for a family with a large yard and free time to spend. They come in variety of colors such as fawn, Brindle, White, Black, etc. The boxer was bred for bullfighting, dog fighting and other working jobs. Due to their use they come in medium size, and built for strength and train-ability. They are used for a wide variety of work services, such as but not limited to; police work, service dog, Guard dog, Military service, cattle/ herding, etc.


The boxer comes in two different colors Fawn and brindle with variations including brown, Black, Tan, White, and mahogany. They typically have a white underbelly with white paws. All white boxers are typically common occurring in roughly 20% of boxers.

Health Problems

Boxers are typically healthy dogs, like all dog breeds they are prone to hip, Elbow dysplasia. They also have had problems with naval congestion and cardiac diseases.


The boxer is super energetic and needs an active owner to keep them fit and happy. They need a variety of exercise varying from intense exercise to long, relaxing walks. Also letting them run around and play in a fenced yard is also recommended.


The boxer originated in Germany in the 19th Century, they are members of the Molosser dog group, ( Molosser is a category of solidly built, large dog breed all of common ancestors.) and is a cousin to all the bulldog breeds. They were crossed from German Bullenbeisser (a dog that descended from Mastiffs) and all bulldogs. The boxer was brought to the United states in the early 1900's, they gained popularity after world war II, where many U.S soldiers brought home this German dog home and continued to breed and prosper.
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