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Name : Doberman Pinscher

Other Names : Doberman, Dobie, Dobermann, Dobynm (in some countries)

Origin : OriginGermany

Size Type : Large Dog Breed

Breed Group : Working dog breeds

Life span : 10 -14 years

Litter Size :

Temperament : Intelligent, Alert, Obedient, Loyal, Energetic, Fearless

Height : Male: 12 to 14 in (30 to 36 cm) Female: 12 to 14 in (30 to 36 cm)

Weight : Male: 34–45 kg Female: 27–41 kg

Colors : Fawn, Black, Red, Blue, White

Puppy Price : $600 - $1000 USD

Body type

The Doberman is bred to be of the ideal size for the optimal combination of power, agility, and endurance. As such, Doberman males stand between 26 to 28 inches at the shoulders and weigh between 75 and 85 pounds. Females stand at 24 to 26 inches and weigh 65 to 75 pounds. Dobermans typically have a deep, broad chest and a compact, muscular body of medium size. It has a square frame – its length equals its height, and the length of its head, neck, and legs are in proportion to its body.

Recently, a more slimmer, slender looking body type has gained popularity, especially among competitive breeders. This is a more aesthetically pleasing body form which reduces the aggressive, muscular look of the Doberman and is gaining popularity among conventional owners as well. However, the traditional body shape is still preferred to many casual owners and those that train the dogs for certain functions.


The Doberman has a short, smooth coat that nicely shows off the exceptional clean cut musculature of this athletic dog. It is also hard and thick and lays flat. It is an average shredder that need very little grooming.

While most people think of the traditional black and rust doberman, there actually exists two different color genes that produces four different coat colors. The traditional black and rust, also called black and tan; red, or red and rust, also referred to as brown; a blue or gray; or the very uncommon light tan or fawn color.


Good with Kids : 66 %
Cat Friendly : 50 %
Dog Friendly : 33 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 50 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 66 %
Popularity : 83 %
Adaptability : 83 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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Made into a pop culture icon by Snoop Dogg, the Doberman Pinscher is a medium size, compactly built, muscular, racy looking dog. It has a compact, muscular, lean body that combines strength with endurance and speed. It has a proud carriage and carries itself with an alert, noble, and an almost military bearing. It has a long, wedge shaped head, short, smooth coat, and perfectly straight legs. Its ears are usually cropped to stand erect and the tail is also usually docked. Because it was originally bred to be a tax collector’s watchdog, it makes an intelligent, ever-alert guardian and protector. It is also loyal, adventurous, and a gifted student perfectly suited for security, military, police, and other jobs requiring discipline and obedience. It is a natural follower and needs a strong, commanding owner or it will get confused, leading to domestic conflict. It can be aggressive with other dogs and is generally reserved with strangers.



Health Problems

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