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Name : German Shorthaired Pointer

Other Names : GSP

Origin : Germany

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Sporting dog breeds

Life span : 14-16 years

Litter Size : 8-12 varying with age.

Temperament : Willing to please, Energetic, Upbeat

Height : 20"-25"

Weight : 45 to 70 pounds

Colors : The German Short haired Pointer comes in a variety of 8 colors and endless color formations: Black, Black & White, Black Ronan, Liver, Liver & White, Liver Roan, White, White & Liver.

Puppy Price : $500-$4,000 Prices vary on amount of training done and if there is champions bred into the pedigree.

Body type

A German Short haired Pointer is an experienced hunter, capable of dominating both field and water hunting. The GSP should resemble strength and an excellent build while still being agile. They should have well balance, endurance and being of medium size. Being a quality hunter is a key point in telling the quality of this breed.

Head- is clean-cut, and built in proportion to the rest of the body. The medium size eyes radiate intelligence and a pleasant expression, shouldn't bulge or be sunken in. Preferably dark brown eye color, any other color is considered to be a fault. The ears sit just above the eyes in medium length.

Forequarters- The shoulders are mobile and well covered with muscle. The pasterns, feet and the rest of the leg are all strong and muscular. The feet are small, compacted and spoon shaped. The pads are thick, strong, and solid.

Body- The neck is an ideal length to help reach retrievable game. Increasing in size towards the shoulders. Skin should be tight. The collar is muscular, and is increasing in size towards the shoulder. The shoulder is deep and in proper proportion to the rest of the body.
The back is strong, and medium length helping the animal move freely.

Hindquarters- Built of sturdy thighs that are well muscled. Joints on the hock are well angulated and strong with a straight bone from hock to pad. This body formation is to ensure optimal balance and great speed.


The hair is short and thick and can have a coarse feeling. The hair is soft, thinner and shorter around the head and the ears. It's also longer underneath the tail and rump.
GSP short coat is easy to groom and can be done with ease. A weekly brushing with a firm bristle brush for the best results. They do shed, but it's not excessively.


Good with Kids : 83 %
Cat Friendly : 50 %
Dog Friendly : 66 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 83 %
Watchdog : 50 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 33 %
Popularity : 83 %
Adaptability : 100 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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This very versatile hunting dog is the most popular sporting breed in the United states and worldwide. The GSP requires little grooming ,but a whole lot of vigorous exercise. This dog loves to run and hunt and does well in an open setting. They do just about everything to do with Hunting, whether it's retrieving, pointing for land animals big and small. They also excel in both these categories in the water. Don't like to hunt? not a problem. This breed does well with any active owner and makes a loving companion. You have to be ready to exercise a lot with this breed as they require it to be physically and mentally healthy. Another real bonus to this breed is they have almost no health problems and have a long lifespan. It's not uncommon to hear this breed reaching ages of 16 years plus.


The German Short haired Pointer comes in a variety of 8 colors and endless color formations: Black, Black & White, Black Ronan, Liver, Liver & White, Liver Roan, White, White & Liver.
The color formations can be ticked (small, isolated ares of black hair on white hair background), full of patches, or Roaned (a fine mixture of colored hairs with white hairs)

Health Problems

GSD are an extremely healthy breed, and unlike most large dog breeds they aren't prone to hip dysplasia. Their has been reportings of congenital cardiac, and eye diseases in this breed. Most of these conditions are rare, working with a responsible breeder and going to regular vet visits.


You have to be ready to exercise your dog a ton. This breed needs an open environment that allows them to be free and move freely. As an owner you have to have time to spend with your GSP as they thrive on owner interaction. Putting your German pointer to work can really help improve their physical and mental well being. They thrive in any physical activity whether it's swimming, running a marathon, taking a 5 mile hike, or anything as simple as a walk through the park. GSP love to be active and it's a must for any potential owner.


The exact cross of the GSP is unknown ,but we do know they originated in Germany. Most likely from the German Bird Dog, other German scent, & track hounds. Germans were looking for an ideal hunting dog that could dominate tracking, retrieving and hunting on both the land and the water. The GSP was created to fill this need. Today, they dominate all of these events and are the most popular sporting dog breed.
The first GSP was brought to the United States in 1925, it only took 5 years for the American Kennel Club to recognize this breed. This breed has been extremely popular in the United States. They have been in the top 20 most popular dog breeds since the early 50's. This outstanding hunter and loving companion makes the German Shorthaired pointer a good pet for any active family.
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