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Name : Golden Retriever

Other Names : Golden, Goldie

Origin : United Kingdom, Scotland

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Sporting dog breeds

Life span : 10-12 years

Litter Size : 5-10 Puppies

Temperament : relaxed, loving, affectionate

Height : 20"-24"

Weight : 55 to 75 pounds

Colors : Dark Golden, Light Golden, Gold

Puppy Price : $500-$1500

Body type

"A perfect built dog." ,as many golden advocates would say. The golden is powerful, active, athletic well built dog. A look that's inviting to all. An ideal golden is athletic, muscular while still remaining elegant and friendly.

Head- They have a medium sized head that in proportion to the rest of the body. Broad skull, with a straight muzzle bending smooth into the skull. The eyes are friendly and inviting, typically in dark, or light brown. The goldens loving face invites everyone to interact. The golden also loves to smile and seems to typically be extremely happy.

Forequarters- Muscular, well placed and free of movement, Elbows should be held close to the ribs. Straight legs with a strong bone held up by medium sized feet. The feet are typically heavily padded and round in shape.

Body- Medium length neck that gradually enlarges toward the strong & sturdy shoulders. Body is well balanced compact body, with a well formed for chest. They are typically thick throughout the body and hold the most mass in the chest.

Hindquarters- Broad, strong, and muscular are the three best words to describe the hindquarters. Long thighs, with strong rear pasterns. Tied all together with a thick tail that's muscular at the base.


Dense and water resistant make up the outer coat with a good inner coat that helps insulate as well. This thick coat helps the retriever able to stand ice cold water and bone chilling temperatures. The outer coat lies close to the body and is usually straight or wavy. The retriever sheds heavy twice a year during the fall and spring and sheds average the rest of the year, you better be able to handle hair on your clothes and around your house if you own this breed.


Good with Kids : 100 %
Cat Friendly : 83 %
Dog Friendly : 100 %
Trainability : 100 %
Shedding : 66 %
Watchdog : 16 %
Intelligence : 100 %
Grooming : 66 %
Popularity : 100 %
Adaptability : 83 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The Golden Retriever is consistently at the top of the most popular dog breeds list year after year. Goldens adaptability and loving companion make them the ideal pet for almost every home situation. The golden is also extremely smart and easily to train, do to this they are a candidate to become service dogs, police force, Helping hunters retrieve water fowl, search & rescue and other various working jobs. The golden is easy to care for. They are usually fairly good behaved, but have been known to have problems with biting and showing aggressive behaviors. Early socialization eliminates all these bad traits. This is the ultimate dog trainer breed as they are able to do just about anything you train them to do. Many goldens participate in a variety of dog sports, (obedience, agility courses, Frisbee, fetch, etc.) Medium sized, sturdy built breed helps this breed dominate in these games. Your golden truly loves to eat, and will over eat if you let him. Golden Retrievers has a high chance of getting obese. A mindful diet and regular exercise will keep your golden happy and at a healthy weight. The golden is patient and loving. They really do love children and can be easily trusted around your kids. Always supervise younger children around the golden as they sometimes get overly excited and knock over you kid. Teaching from a young age how to interact with children is crucial to ensuring the safest route for you and your family.


The golden retriever comes in all variations of gold. Varying clear from light gold to Dark gold. Many breeders are starting to sell the rare white retriever. This is a cool color and quire popular, but isn't recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Health Problems

The golden retriever is a generally healthy breed. Purchasing from a reputable breeder, with health tested stock can help minimize all risk of most major health conditions. The most known health condition for retrievers like most large dog breed Hip Dysplasia. This is an irregular formation of the hip joint that can cause pain and result in immobility.

Other diseases known to golden retrievers is eye and cardiac diseases.


The golden retriever was bred to help the vigorous sport of fowl hunting. This water sport took a lot of endurance and a breed that was able to work. The retriever require a lot of exercise and loves to be able to go out and play. You better be ready to keep them physically and mentally active. The retriever is a great companion and becomes better with the more work you put into them.


In the early 1800's hunting game was a needed and loved sport by many Englishmen. The golden really emerged to be the ideal dog for this lifestyle. Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland is responsible for creating this breed. Through the mid 1800's the Golden retriever started to take shape from crossing other retriever breeds. By the late 1800's the Golden Retriever had it's identity mastered. In the break of the century during 1913 the first golden retriever club was organized. The retriever didn't gain recognizance in the united states till 1925, where it quickly gained popularity for it's excellent role as a companion and a prized hunting role. The golden quickly shot up to become one of the most popular dog breeds and has stayed there ever since.
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