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Name : Jack Russel Terrier

Other Names : Russell Terrier, Rebel Terrier, Parson Russel Terrier, Jacks, JRT

Origin : England

Size Type : Small Dog Breed

Breed Group : Terrier dog breeds

Life span : 12-18 years

Litter Size : 4-8

Temperament : Cheerful, Energetic, active

Height : 12"- 16"

Weight : 10-20 LBS

Colors : Must be covered in at least 51% White, Various shades of brown is also accepted.

Puppy Price : $100-$800

Body type

A Jack Russel Terrier body should resemble their lively, and active personality. They should have a bold and lively disposition. They are a working terrier and should remain physically able of these traits. The body is agile, and muscular build. They should be flexible and hold an ability of reaching in small places under the ground. The body is in proportion to the height.

Head- Head is well balanced and in proportion to the rest of the body. The skull is flat, narrowing to the eyes. The muzzle is medium length with a black nose. The jaws are powerful and built well. Eyes are almost shaped and dark in color, radiating intelligence. Ears are small and "v" shaped carried close to the head. The ears were bred for the purpose of blocking out debris getting into the ears while underground hunting.

Forequarters- Neck is of medium length, and powerful, wider towards the shoulders. Shoulders slope and are laid back, clean cut Forelegs are strong and point straight ahead. Chest is small and narrow allowing for the free movement in tight corridors.

Body- The body is athletic, rather than heavily boned build. Back is strong, straight and in proportion to the height of the terrier. Giving the terrier a balanced present. And more of an athletic build.

Hindquarters- Strong and muscular, well built with good anglulation. Giving the ability of proper movement and drive. Tail is set rather high, of medium length well in proportion to the body.

Feet- round, hard padded. Cat like built facing straight ahead.


Coats come in two different variations for this breed. Smooth and Rough or also named broken coat. The coats are weatherproof, both have a harsh outer coat. The whole body should be well covered. Smooth is soft to touch and easy to manage. Rough and broken coat is rougher to touch. Both coats require little if any grooming. Their fur practically takes care of its self but, can improve with little attention. Jacks stay particularly clean and hardly ever need to be bathed.


Good with Kids : 66 %
Cat Friendly : 16 %
Dog Friendly : 66 %
Trainability : 33 %
Shedding : 50 %
Watchdog : 66 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 33 %
Popularity : 50 %
Adaptability : 66 %
Hypoallergenic : Yes
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Energetic, Upbeat, and clever are the most common words describing the jack Russel. The jack Russel is commonly referred to by a few different names, simply just the Russel Terrier and Parson Russel Terrier are the two most common names this breed is known as. The Jacks wild personality can make them a lot to handle especially for new time dog owners. They are a breed for experienced owners, that are active and willing to patiently train. It can take a lot to manage this breed but if you are able to do so they will reward you plenty. The Russel Terrier excels in small game hunting. Also, in various agility courses. Their unique build makes them extremely mobile and a keen hunter. Don't let their small size fool you, this breed is made to be outdoors where they can freely run and play. If you plan on keeping your JRT indoors be ready to give at least an hour of vigorous exercise every single day. In America, the JRT is typically kept as pet and not used for Hunting as their purpose once was. However in present day England many owners of this breed still use the Jack Russel to hunt small prey. They hunt prey both above and below ground, whether it's hunting varmints that destroy farmers crop or purely for the purpose of sport. The Russel dominates both above and below ground their small size helps them go into small burrowings that other terriers couldn't fit into. Jack russels can be the best of companions to you, and your family. They are smart, loving and outgoing. If you are able to put in the effort and time to train and exercise this breed is for you. It takes a persistent and good trainer to tame this wild dog. Training can be a real pain for this breed as their freely minded spirit and great brain teaches them to act differently.


White is the predominate color of this breed. White must cover atleast 51% of the dog. There is many all white Jack Russels. Some have variations of markings of Tan, Black or brown, or tricolor of all three. The white was bred to help hunters see the dog during field action.

Health Problems

The Jack Russel Terrier is a generally healthy breed. They haven't been known to have many health conditions and tend to have a longer lifespan compared to most dog breeds. Their has been a few known health issues associated with this breed like patellar Luxation, Deafness and various eye diseases. As a whole this breed is fairly healthy.

To ensure you're getting a healthy dog make sure you research your breeder and their produced offspring. Some health problems don't appear until a dog reaches full maturity. Health clearances aren't gave to dogs under two years old. Look for breeders that follow this protocol by not breeding till the dog is two to three years old and has passed all health tests.


Jacks thrive on people interaction and are best suited to live inside along side the family. It's best if he has access to a secured fenced in yard where he get get added exercise. You better prepare your fence like an army base as the JRT is an escape artist.

You should always walk them on a leash to prevent his natural instinct to chase small prey kicks in. They need around an hour a day of vigorous exercise, as well as less extensive exercise throughout the day. This breed needs a firm and persistent owner to train and teach to be well mannered. However your work will pay off as the Jack is extremely smart and can do just about anything he puts his mind to.

Giving your JRT plenty of positive interactions with other dogs, people and various small animals is key in preventing aggressive behavior.

You should be ready to invest some money into plush toys as this working breed loves to tear up and destroy whatever they can get their paws on. This is no lazy man's breed as the Jacks energetic and lively temperament has to be entertained for this breed to be happy.


Native to England during the mid 1800s by Parson John Russel, this is where the breed got its name. Russel created a working terrier who could hunt in small underground dens.

The Jack became a favorite of sportsmen, the breed became popular by the 1930s in the U.S. Several breed clubs were created during this time, this helped form the now known breed standard.

This breed didn't recieve recognization by major kennel clubs till the 2000s, where it was renamed to the Parson Russel Terrier to prevent it from being confused with other Jack Russel Terrier Clubs.

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