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Name : Old Danish Pointer

Other Names : Gammel Dansk Honsehund. Old Danish Chicken dog. Old Danish Bird Dog. Old Danish Pointing Dog.

Origin : Denmark

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Sporting dog breeds

Life span : 12-14 years

Litter Size : 4-6 puppies

Temperament : calm, smart, loyal, determination

Height : Height at the withers : Male : 54-60 cm, Bitch ; 50-56 cm

Weight : males: 66 to 77 pounds and females: 57 to 68 pounds.

Colors : White, Brown markings.

Puppy Price : $300-$1000

Body type

Medium size dog, Strongly built. The difference between male and female in this breed is very noticeable. The females are small, lighter, and more energetic. This breed is very quiet and lives under the radar they are fast and athletic, and seem to have an elegance when they move.


The coat is short and dense with somewhat of a rough feel. They have tight skin that really defines the body structure. They require very little grooming, It can be beneficial to brush them every couple of weeks to help clean out dirt and distribute oils through out the coat.


Good with Kids : 66 %
Cat Friendly : 83 %
Dog Friendly : 83 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 33 %
Watchdog : 16 %
Intelligence : 83 %
Grooming : 33 %
Popularity : 33 %
Adaptability : 33 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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Originating from Denmark, Old danish pointer is a medium sized pointer breed. This breed is most commonly used as a hunting companion in retrieving water fowl. They are covered in a white coat, with a brown colored head, brown spots and small brown dots are mixed into the white fur. They also make great family pets, and do well in a larger yard where they can get plenty of exercise.


They are cover in a white coat, the white coat can have a few big solid brown spots along the side or atop the back as with a ton of miniature spots on the back, belly, neck and all the legs. . The head is covered with a brown coat.

Health Problems

They are a healthy breed that hasn't reported any signs of extreme health defaults. Working with a responsible breed, and purchasing a pup from health tested parents help minimize all these risks.


Old Danish pointers are a working breed and need to have adequate exercise. They thrive with an active owner and need even more exercise if they aren't used as hunting dogs. They need a big yard, they can run and play in. Adequate exercise is the most important in ensuring a happy, healthy life.


They are natives to Denmark, this breed can be tracked back to 1710, when the breeder Morten Bak created this breed through crossing gypsy dogs and local farm dogs over eight generations of selective breeding. The exact origination of the foundation stock for this breed is up in the air.
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