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Name : Whippet

Other Names : English Whippet or Snap dog

Origin : England

Size Type : Medium Dog Breed

Breed Group : Hound dog breeds

Life span : 12-15 years.

Litter Size : 1–11 pups per litter, with the average being 6 pups

Temperament : quiet, Intelligent, Gentle, Calm

Height : 18"-24" height at shoulders

Weight : 15-30 LBS

Colors : Blue, fawn, red, tan, sable, black, brindle, or white: with various colored markings.

Puppy Price : $700-$1500

Body type

The Whippet has an extraordinary body structure. They have a slim build of the medium size coming with a long skinny head, long straight front legs, with bent shorter back legs with bowing loin cover by a smooth coat. They are built for speed and their body resembles this.

Head- The Whippet has a lively expression. Dark eyes are large, and oval in shape. They eye color varies on coat color. Small laid down ears Ears are folded along neck.

Body- Long, clean cut muscular neck. Gracefully widening into the shoulder. The back is broad, firm and displays muscle. The back runs smooth and even. Brisket and the rest of the chest is very deep reaching clear to the elbows. There is a definite tuck in the underline. A long tail hangs all the way to the knee, usually lying low or semi erect.

Forequarters- shoulder blades long, and laid back, allowing for space and free movement. The elbows are parallel and point straight back. Any formation of the shoulder or forelegs that immobilizes the movement of this breed is highly undesirable. The legs are set farther back making the chest seeming bigger and more prominent than it really is.

Hindquarters- Powerful and long as a whole. The thighs are muscular with well bent stifles. The hocks are let down close to the ground these hindquarters are very mobile and help the Whippet reach top speeds.


They have a fine coat that should be smooth in texture and short in length. The Whippet sheds minimally and doesn't need much of any excessive grooming. A weekly brushing will help distribute oils throughout the skin and keep the fur freely.


Good with Kids : 83 %
Cat Friendly : 33 %
Dog Friendly : 50 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 33 %
Watchdog : 33 %
Intelligence : 66 %
Grooming : 83 %
Popularity : 50 %
Adaptability : 66 %
Hypoallergenic : No
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The Whippet is a medium sized dog that originally originated in England. The whippet resembles it's fathering breed the greyhounds. The whippet is the fastest top speed for a dog for it's size and the second fastest dog to in the world to their forefather the greyhound. They also have the fastest acceleration of any dog breed. They compete and dominate many type of racing and agility dog sports. Whippets are amazing pets due to their smaller stature and calm temperament.


Whippets come in a wide variety of colors varying from black, to white, and mostly all hound colors in between. They also have a wide variety of patterns and markings on their skin.

Health Problems

The whippet has been bred to excel in athletic competitions in doing this the whippet is structurally sound and usually doesn't have many health problems. They have one of the lowest likelihood to hip dysplasia of any breed.
They have an ability to receive a wide range of eye diseases, still unlikely.


The Whippet is the fasted breed at it's size, speeding up to speed of over 35 Miles per hour. Enrolling your Whippet in races and other sports is an option. It's a place they can really excel and take home a lot of winnings. Daily walks, are key to a healthy life, also being able to let your whippet run is key to keeping healthy and happy companion.


The whippet was originally from England. This breed was brought to America by Mill operatives that settled in Massachusetts. The whippet is a miniature version of the greyhound. The first whippets were brought to be by the outcasted smaller version of the greyhound. They were continued to be bred to each other. In the 19th century Whippet racing was becoming extremely popular.
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