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Name : Yorkshire Terrier

Other Names : Yorkie

Origin : England

Size Type : Small Dog Breed

Breed Group : Toy dog breeds

Life span : 13-16 years

Litter Size : 1-5

Temperament : Energetic, Excited, Happy

Height : 8 inches to 9 inches tall at the shoulder.

Weight : 3-7 LBS

Colors : The Yorkie comes in four different colors: Black & Gold, Black & Tan, Blue & Gold, Blue & tan.

Puppy Price : $400-$2500

Body type

The Yorkie is a toy sized breed staying under 10 LBS. They have a long coat that covers most of the body if grown out. Their body is compact and well proportioned. The dog displays confidence even at it's little size.

Head- The head is small, and rather flat top. The skull doesn't stand out or seem to be irregular shaped. The bite should be sound in an average sized muzzle. The nose is always black with medium size eyes that are also dark in color. Eyes are v-shaped, and carried erect.

Body- In proportion and very compact. Short back, and level backline with the shoulders and rump.

Legs & Feet- Front legs are straight. Hind legs straight when viewed from behind. Feet are always round with black claws, extremely small.

Tail- Typically docked, carried higher than the rest of the back. Long hair covers most the tail.


Have allergies? No problem. The Yorkshire terrier is the perfect pet for anyone with dog related allergies. Yorkies don't have regular fur like most dogs , but similar to that of the humans. Fur hold more dander than regular hair. Dander is what irritates people and makes allergies act up. This long coat can be a real chore to take care of and require regular grooming. This is why most pet owners of this breed just keep their Yorkie in a short hair cut called a "puppy cut" which makes the hair a lot easier to handle. No matter what hair style you do, get ready to invest time in grooming with regular brushings and baths.


Good with Kids : 33 %
Cat Friendly : 83 %
Dog Friendly : 83 %
Trainability : 83 %
Shedding : 16 %
Watchdog : 83 %
Intelligence : 66 %
Grooming : 66 %
Popularity : 100 %
Adaptability : 83 %
Hypoallergenic : Yes
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Yorkshire Terriers are the most popular toy dog breed in the United states. Originating in Northern England where they were bred to chase rats out of factories for the working man. Later becoming a favorite for European royalty and the rest of the high society. Now they live just about everywhere. They came to the United states in the 1880's and were one of the first registered breeds by the American Kennel Club. Yorkie are a lovable breed, always seem to be looking for trouble with other dogs. They have a Napoleon type attitude being a big dog in a little body. Yorkies are very independent and very bold and aren't afraid of anyone. Any Yorkie loves to be around people and does well in a family setting with older children. The Yorkie is super fast at learning and a blast to train. They thrive on human interaction and don't do well alone. The Yorkie is highly versatile and does well in just about any environment.


The Yorkie comes in four different colors: Black & Gold, Black & Tan, Blue & Gold, Blue & tan. Puppies are typically born dark, with the blue and tan coat developing with age. It usually takes around a year old, if they turn sooner they often turn gray rather than blue.

Health Problems

Yorkies are small and fragile, not recommend to living around small children who may play rough. Tooth decay and gum disease are also commonly seen in this breed. Yorkies are typically a healthy breed and purchasing from a responsible breeder helps ensure you're bring home a healthy best friend. Make sure to put on harness rather than a leash because they have delicate neck bones.


Small size helps the Yorkie get sufficient exercise inside. Just playing inside or in the yard is enough exercise for this breed. They should be trained from an early age how to act around children as they will have the tendency to nip and bite. The Yorkie doesn't take much effort to keep them physically healthy. They hate to be alone and prefer to be by your side, they love to interact with humans are are exceptionally loyal to their owner.


Originating in English, the Yorkie was bred in Yorkshire and other surround northern English counties. During the Industrial Revolution when factories started to pop up everywhere the Yorkie became a popular candidate to hunt and kill rats that invested these factories. The Yorkie is directly related to the now extinct Clydesdale Terrier, Waterside Terrier & Paisley Terrier. Other Terriers were bred to created this small, blue-gray coated, rat killing machine.

The late 1800's brought the yorkies introduction into many kennel clubs. The first one in England was started in 1896. Yorkies have been in the United states since as early as 1872, and competed in dog shows in 1878. This is when the bred standard was set up, choosing the weight in being between 3-7 pounds.

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