This is a hard decision for many families looking to add their next four legged friend.  I’m going to give the pros and cons of each option. To say which is better depends on situation to situation.  Whether you’re a first time buyer or a dog expert here are a few tips to make your next decision the right one.


Adoption is a wonderful thing. There is millions and millions of homeless dogs looking for their forever home. You can make a difference and really change the problem of over populating.  Adoption is usually a lot easier and tons cheaper.  You can go to your local shelter or  humane society and have one picked up within the hour.

The risk involved is you know close to nothing about the puppies, because usually the parents are unknown or very little information is known about them. If they were proper socialized in the most crucial newborn weeks is also unknown. You may also encounter more health related issues with a rescue.

Doing research can ease the uncertainties I would suggest going with a rescue that truly tries to match up a dog with your lifestyle. There is many different rescues and even some that only rescue specific breeds. You may be able to connect with one and find a mix that resembles your favorite breed.  If a rescue isn’t willing to take your dog back after adoption for any reasons then they probably aren’t the best place to get your next companion.  


First off, I wouldn’t ever buy a non-purebred dog without proper documentation or you’re just wasting your money. Meaning if they are selling a dog that’s supposably purebred ,but doesn’t have proper records to prove that is often misleading. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable breeder by doing research. Research their past productions, customer reviews, and talking to others who purchased a puppy. While there are no guarantees with buying any dog  you have a better idea by knowing the parents.. The chances of having costly health problems is a lot less. Parents with proper temperaments and quality health usually produce the same attributes in their offspring.


Tips for every potential  adoption/buyer

Whether you choose to adopt or buy make sure you follow these precautions before going through with it.

  1. Where is the puppy raised and kept? Good clean environment I wouldn’t ever support any rescue or breeder that doesn’t keep their puppy in healthy living environments.
  2. Has the puppy received proper vaccinations on time and up to date.  
  3. If the dog has “registration papers” make sure they are from a valuable kennel club that has authentic purebred dogs.
  4. Will the kennel/rescue take back the dog if there is any problems, whether it’s health, temperament or you’re just not as ready as you thought. If they aren’t willing to take their puppy back they are just money hungry and don’t care about you having a valuable experience.
  5. If possible spend time with your puppy and see if they connect with you is highly recommended.
  6. Puppies will tear up your stuff and pee everywhere be ready for that. Training takes time be patient. If you aren’t ready for that commitment you’re not ready for a puppy. Look into purchasing/adopting an older pup that’s already had potty training and behavioral training.

Which one is the best?

This is a total personal decision while I like to go the safe route with purchasing a quality puppy that I know the background. Rescue is still a great option that gives a puppy a new chance at a new and improved life.  Research and taking careful precautions will make getting your new family member a pleasant experience.